Friday, October 28, 2011

Deepsuit #1 review

My first review on my first issue of my first (official) ongoing series.
So long as i don't turn into one of those internet trolls that threatens

"PS im nut updating til u giv me 10 god revoiws!"
- Tara Gillesbie

Much thanks to Rick Silva, author of said review blog.
Wimsey can be a mouthful and a half.

Monday, October 24, 2011

covering my bases.

its depressing when my brother has a bigger fan base than me, and so i am going to organize myself into a poly-blogal tycoon!

here it is, almost up, i will be doing the tumblr along with all my trendy hip college friends

because i'm secretly a spineless tadpole in a stagnant pool of seepage!

yes, im kidding. do you really think a tadpole has diction like this???

Thursday, October 20, 2011

first batman commission ever

well, here we go folks! another new piece or two from your old pal ben. what a flake. i should really make an art book or something non-linear narrative like. that should be next. that really should. maybe. i dont know yet. look, its pretty!

commissioned by my pal, Dave Mahan, who has his own art blog here

also, recent study of flesh color stuff. my model was kind enough to walk me through it,
even though i made an utter mess. its gross, don't look at it. yuck.

in my defense, it was 1 am. mer mer mer.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

some recent art things

recently, i've done some fancy new painting and drawing from life, which isn't top notch yet, but its getting better. this is technically a student's blog after all, and since lack of growth is unlife, i can admit to my skillset still being on the way up.
fist is one of ten portraits (the only one in color) which i did for my media techniques class of my friend Stephanie Leap.
she is pretty awesome, so here is hoping i do her justice.

next we have some observational drawings i did at Occupy Boston last friday as part of my human figure in illustration class. it was rainy and miserable, and lots of people were angry. at their stepfathers, or at the suited men walking by. the doggy was nice though

there were some really nice people there though, who shared umbrellas and made conversation.
also, bearded lady and patches, who were some of the more interesting characters there.

and lastly, a gift for my friend James Rossi, a gentlefellow in the Brokensea audio productions,
that was playing the soundbit of the moon landing. i didnt quite get all of it in there so it would translate as "-tep for man, one giant leap for ma-"

i think

that's all folks, have a nice weekend!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

tribute to softer world

homework and ephiphany

Some recent classwork of mine. I'm getting more confident with acrylics, and soon I will post what might be my finest painting to date, should I be capable of prying it out of my commissioner's hands long enough to photograph it

stippled weed

oh, and a smashing idea i had for the next convention,
to protect the kiddies

Thursday, October 13, 2011

someone interviewed me once

Ben Doane - Untitled Portrait

i can say this now thanks to Caitlin Malcuit of the Backstage Beat,
who I only just now remember talking to, because i am distracted often by loud noises, or droning sounds. Anyhoo, in this great display of journalistic talent, i get a paragraph to be me! no i didnt write it, but i was quoted! and super duper flattered!

FURTHERMORE i recently saw the "National Figures" exhibit in the William Scott Gallery at 450 Harrison Ave over near Chinatown, which was a wonderful and informational exhibition studying the human form.
Bill Carman - Yes, I am a Vampire
Bill Carman - Yes, I am a Vampire

Some of my favorites include the works of Isaac White, Rick Berry and lastly Scott Bakal, who instructs my media technigues* class.
why q's look like g's at this hour i will never know
But speaking of Scott, i recently found a photograph i took of his M.I.C.E. handout, took it off my shelf and reread it about five times (its short, i'm not obsessive. i promise)
Scott Bakal - Dim Stars

its really a beautiful piece of workmanship, with intimate colors and a very familiar sense of humor, overall winning its audience over on the meekness factor.
his website is as follows



Thursday, October 6, 2011

photos from the con!!!

this is me
i look very excited, or terrifying, or crazy.

because i'm with my friends
and when i am with them, i do crazy things.

in this case
dance and wear a dress, and make other people dance against their will
or make them feel awkward and uncomfortable
with love