Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a statement about guy davis

for the past three years i have owned this one, obscure comic book from the nineties. i was perusing the contents of the used comic box down to the falmouth location of spinnakers when i found it; issue twenty two of james robinson's starman series. in this floppy book, was a story within a story, a framed fable whose art differentiated from what other bits of the series i picked up in the following years. it was loose, edgy, it really started my thinking about noir comics. this was my informal introduction to guy davis. a story within a story.
i wouldn't see another piece by him for two years.
as of now, i have only read "the marquis: danse macabre" and the last issue of "BPRD; the warning" and have repeatedly visited his art site, and can only express that i am in awe of this man's work. there is a drama to it, in the haste it encourages on the page. the harshness of his linework has the down and dirty feel that impresses the reader with the sense that the organic extravaganza is playing out right before their very eyes. as a self taught artist and writer, not only does he operate at all levels, but he functions in these modes like a natural. as exhibited in his original series "the marquis," davis clearly puts a lot of thought and time and effort into these projects, despite how they feel to be so spontaneous. i am fortunate to have discovered his work so early in my career, as i fully intend to take inspiration from this man's work.

in fact, i've been so impressed by the creativity of this illustrator, that i have decided to be the protagonist of his original graphic novel, de marquis for halloween. i just need to get a tricornered hat, and build the nose and the weapons. (:

so thats tonights serving folks, order up!

Monday, October 11, 2010

initiating launch sequence

i think that in the best interest of anyone that may stumble upon this site, there ought to be some sort of introduction in the way of letting people know what i am about over here.

my name is benjamin doane, and i make comics.

presently (as of october eleventh two thousand and ten) i am unpublished, but have produced several works and am currently involved in a number of projects, which include my graphic novel "muckraker" (which has been "in the works" for the last three years) and a picaresque science fiction serial started this september.

however, anything i do in this area is outside of my being a undergraduate student of the massachusetts college of art and design, and so the time in which i am able to work on these projects is severely limited. hopefully though, i will learn to balance these aspects of my life so as to benefit both, and still make time for my social life and perhaps even a job (if i can find one.)

yep, all this and still optimistic.

For all the nouns i draw on for inspiration, foremost on this list are my friends and family who support just about every one of my harebrained ideas. where would a protagonist be without his supporting cast?
as far as other artists go, i am endlessly enthralled by the painting and photocollage of artist dave mckean, whose work graced the covers of neil gaiman's "sandman" series and filled the pages of gaiman's "black orchid" and grant morrison's "arkham asylum."

closely thereafter is mike mignola with his simplified yet instantly recognizable forms, which stike with clarity and then compel reapplied attentions to his sequences of splendor. mignola is known foremost for his creation of the comic series "hellboy."

and lastly is paul pope, who has worked with both american and japanese companies, producing such provocative pieces such as "heavy liquid" and "batman; year 100" in which the fluid linework just leaps off the page.

so thats the crux of all that stuff
thanks for tuning in, and here
something cool to look at