Monday, June 27, 2011

mermaids on the horizon

hey again, i thought i'd add some tiny pictures of the draft, and final painting that i've done for a set of three deep suit prints that i hope to sell at the expo. in this one our... encased hero finds himself in combat with a ferocious... mermaid??? this isn't a spoiler. go home! and get off my lawn!

end of june, beginning of awesome

okay folks, its an exciting month ahead of us.
i have some surprises for all of you cool cats who care

1. im turning Near Legend and Deep Suit into series, hoping to get the second issues of each out before the...
2. massachusetts independent comics exposition which me and some of my associates are planning to get a table at, although nothing is set in stone, i began making
3. paintings that i will print and sell at the convention, given that i have a table

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deep Suit re-release

hey everybody, i just did a new cover for the second printing of the one shot, deep suit that i made last summer.
looks like my camera got in the way on this photo. as with the aforementioned Near Legend (see post previous) this book is 24 pages b&w with a hand colored cover (limited color) and can be attained through me directly, or when i find a venue.
whichever, whatever. im just happy that its done :D

Near Legend is now out!!!

okay folks, you finally get something new and sparkley. my latest one shot, Near Legend is out and in print! i still have no venues yet, so while im out looking for those, you can still hit me up for a copy. price negotiable because i dont know the value of my own work :D
this book is 24 pages b&w, including cover with limited hand colored bits.
intended for a semi-mature audience for language and violence.

nate oulette everybody!!!

special thanks to him, bethany strohm, kyle fleischer, cassandra anniti and lara booth.