Sunday, January 30, 2011

the new year; aka. heres hoping it doesn't suck

alrighty then kiddies, we have a batch cooking up for 2011

a) the big guns = muckraker is back in production. i know its been dicey, and i hate the tease as much as any of you, but trust me, this baby is long overdue and its about time i get it out of my system

b) the new kid = mister blake, brand spanking new character who deserves a spot somewhere in the stars this year. i mean, who doesn't love a hired killer. with any luck, he'll get a cameo somewhere, or at the very least an one-shot

c) expansion pack = near legend is an eventual matter. i'm still working on her script, but being the optimistic twit i am, i'm thinking that there's something more than a pilot in the works.

d) i might have a short autobiographical film put together by the end of the semester.

also, i've got a friend in California (stupid spellcheck forcing the capital letters on me) who is currently a film student. this man's work is really witty, and someday i hope to do a joint project with him. right now, im working on a non profit promotional etching for his upcoming short "ninja noir," which we're all chomping our nails for. no doubt we're looking at another knockout.

wowza, it is two thirty and i still have an essay to finish for written comp that i'll post when done
i'll do it in the morning. maybe listen to this song one last time before i close the laptop

i'm excited about sleeping in a bed tonight :)