Sunday, September 25, 2011

yesterday was long

so i went to the mice convention.
and it was awesome.
had me a table...
and some awesome friends around me.
sold stuff, had fun, broke even at four pm
the profit went to dinner.
good day

i was upset by something really big, and really frustrating
there was an emphasis on super hero characters from big company names
which ate up so much of the market, that i was like
"where did the independence go, if everyone is relying on dc and marvel to make cool characters?"
it broke my heart, and i wondered if i would have to sell out next time.

and then the coffee shop lady rhea accidentally stole copies of deep suit and near legend.
ho hum. at least i didnt show her the prints

in other news, i am announcing a collaboration between myself and joe tagliaferri

furthermore, im going to submerge for a bit, to lick wounds and make more comics. i saw lotsa stuff at the con, and much of it was inspiring. ming doyle, dave mahan, patt kelley, and allan dorison, i especially thank you all, along with joe tag, bethany strohm and alex dufault, who sat in a corner helping me all day long.

goodnight everybody
i have great friends

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gretel Kickstarter Arrives

over the summer, my friend Connor Leahy asked that i do some sketches to flesh out his vision of the fantasy world of "Gretel," his latest proposed film. With great faith in the project, i now link all my (7) followers to his page hither, with a congratulatory "hey ya" sing and dance routine in elation at seeing his project kick off from the ground.

in addition to the content here, i am working on some top secret projects with Mr. Leahy, SO Y'ALL KEEP EYES PEELED, 'AIGHT?