Tuesday, December 7, 2010

special doodle

weird, really static sketch i did of Charlie O. this is boring, but i enjoyed the details.
oh yeah, and this is some of that "exclusive content" we were talking about earlier.
la la la la

Monday, December 6, 2010

its that time of year, and so i figured "why not give out something special."
here they are folks, preliminary character designs for the Scientist and our man Charlie O
this guy (nicknamed slug) is a total skeezball, but dont worry because that was totally intentional. or at least thats what i plan to tell my public. i cant remember if these stains were supposed to be oil or blood...

you know, its not really that important after all. next slide!

Charlie changed a lot since conception. like, his temperature mustve risen, since we never see him this clothed in the ten pages i drew. maybe he just realized that longsleeved shirts get caught in machinery easier? im still not done with this fellah though, by the end of my graphic novella when it comes out, our boy could be emo haired and fedora-ed (i have a nasty tendency to do that to my protagonists, just ask miles)

in other news today, i just finished an one shot script for a Superman-Lovecraft crossover story taking place in innsmouth. this is a secret though, as A} copyright isnt up yet and B} its for my brother's holiday present. so yeah... if youre good, i may just post that up here too, since its a nonprofit project. so maybe...

its under consideration